Key Largo Scuba Diving Company

Key Largo Scuba Diving was built by the diver for the diver. We are one of the few companies in Key Largo that solely designs dive trips around the scuba diver. We do welcome riders only and snorkelers but the locations that we dive at are best for scuba divers. Being a smaller boutique style dive shop enables us to have a solid team consisting of some of the best instructors and guides in the Florida Keys. If you are looking for a world class scuba diving experience then look no further.

Key Largo Scuba Diving Company

After many scuba diving trips to Key Largo we decided that Scuba Life was how we wanted to live our life. Each time we went diving with a different company we would notice things that we liked and things that we wished were different. Our search for the perfect company continued to come up short. Eventually it became clear that there was an opportunity in the market.  Since Key Largo is the Diving Capital Of The World there should be world class service providers. Hence the creation of Key Largo Scuba Diving.

So What Makes A Great Key Largo Scuba Company?

Better scuba instruction, more consistent high quality dive sites,  and a friendlier more inclusive social experience on the boat.

We specialize in the experience!

How do we do it different?

We are able to accomplish our goal of being a different type of shop by being a boutique style dive shop.  Our team is more focused on you and your experience with us versus packing the boat with as many customers as possible.

Our captains are part of the trip, not secluded on the top deck. They are there to get you to and from the dive sites safely. In addition to safe travel they are also there to provide you with a wealth of information about the Key Largo waters, dive sites, and any other local information you are interested in.

The dive guides are the best in the area. You will notice their relentless search of cool stuff the entire time you are under water. Lastly we are not cattle boats. We do not max out every spot on our boat. We offer a relaxed really fun environment surrounded by some die hard scuba junkies.

What makes our Scuba Diving Instruction different?

Scuba instruction should be fun, informative, but also make you a better diver. We go the extra mile to ensure your scuba instruction is worth it.

You will be assigned to a highly skilled instructor that has the necessary tools and time to provide you the best scuba instruction possible. Our scuba classes are not rushed or over crowded.

When you complete scuba instruction at Key Largo Scuba Diving you will go home feeling like you received the best instruction possible.

What makes our dive sites better?

It’s not what makes our dive sites better. We dive the same sites as many other shops.

Its more about which dive sites we choose to dive. We do not avoid sites that are a little farther away to save money on fuel.

We will not take you to a dive site that is decent for diving but great for snorkeling because the boat is full of snorkelers that day. Our daily dive sites are chosen based on customer request or we determine the best site for that days weather. All of the sites we dive are in at least 25 feet of water.

Non wreck dives are typically 25-60 feet. Unless by request we avoid really shallow (10ft-15ft) sites. We welcome advanced dive requests, drift diving requests, and deep reef dive requests.

If you are planning a trip or live locally give us a call to discuss your next trip. We look forward to speaking with you. We do our very best to accommodate all requests. If there is a type of dive or a location that you want to visit let us know. We will make it happen!

Key Largo Scuba Company

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