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Key Largo Snorkeling Trips | Florida Keys
Key Largo, Florida

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Key Largo snorkeling is an incredible way to experience the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. The reefs off of Key Largo are known for their excellent underwater visibility year-round. Swim with local marine life while exploring the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States. No experience necessary, all gear is included!


  • Experience real diving with no experience

  • Detailed Morning Pool Training

  • (2) 1 hour reef dives in afternoon

  • Awesome Scuba Instructors

  • Small Student/Instructor Ratios

The Discover Scuba Diving course enables you to try out scuba diving for a day. There is a knowledge development session, pool session, and then open water dives on the reef. This experience is real scuba diving. After completing the knowledge and pool session you will go out on the boat on the afternoon dive charter and dive the reef with the certified divers. If you have always wanted to try scuba diving this will probably be the highlight of your vacation.

Your day starts in the morning with a knowledge review. Your instructor will explain the core fundamentals of scuba diving. Safety guidelines, scuba diving gear, and basic techniques will be discussed. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss any questions you may have. Class sizes are small and it is a very laid back super fun experience.

Once in the pool you will get to put on a set of scuba gear that we provide. Then you will have the ability to take your first couple of breathes underwater. A series of required skills will be demonstrated and practiced. You need to be able to clear your mask in case water gets inside. Regulator recovery will also be practiced. The gauges on your equipment will be explained, you will do some swimming in the pool, and then its off to the boat.

The Discover Scuba Diving course includes 2 dives in the afternoon. You will go on the afternoon scuba diving charter with your instructor and other certified divers. Once on the reef you will have a chance to go scuba diving for the first time! The Florida Keys is a great place to try diving for the first time. Key Largo has lots of dive sites that are great for beginners. This will be an unforgettable and possibly career changing experience!

7:30amCheck-In. Arrive at the shop for check-in and gear fitting. (All students must complete their medical waiver, liability release, and any required doctor sign-offs prior to check-in)

8:15amPool session (2 hours). Your instructor will explain the core fundamentals of scuba diving, go over safety guidelines, scuba diving gear, and discuss basic scuba diving techniques. After learning and practicing core dive skills you will demonstrate these skills for your instructor, earning your spot on the afternoon dive charter! You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss any concerns. Small class sizes make for a thorough and enjoyable experience. 

10:30am – 12:30pm (Approx) – Free time. Take a break, have lunch, be back at the dock by 12:30 ready to board. Ask us for nearby lunch recommendations!

12:30pm Afternoon Boat Check-in. Meet your instructor at the boat for a pre-dive briefing. Your instructor will set-up your gear, show you around the boat, and get you ready for your first dives.

1:00pm – Boat departs. Take-in the scenic 4-6 mile boat ride out to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  Your Try Scuba Diving | Discover Scuba Diving course includes 2 afternoon reef dives with your instructor.  Each dive lasts about 1 hour.  During your dives, your instructor will point out marine-wildlife as they guide you around the reef. 

5:00pm – Boat returns (Approx). Debrief with your scuba diving instructor. The boat crew will unload and return your scuba rental gear for you. All course participants will receive

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes. All participants are required to complete a basic swimming assessment in water deeper than 8 ft.  Failure to complete the swimming assessment will result in the end of the course.

Do I need any prior experience to go scuba diving on the reef?

No. The Try Scuba | Discover Scuba Diving Course is designed to teach you the required skills needed to complete two dives on the reef with all other certified divers.

How old do you have to be to sign up?

The minimum age to go into the ocean is 10. Children between the ages of 8-10 can participate in the Bubblemaker program which is pool training only.

How long are the dives in the ocean?

The length of the dive will be determined by several factors one of which is how long you want to remain underwater. The longest dive completed in this course would be approx 55 minutes.

How deep underwater will I be scuba diving?

The exact depth will vary throughout parts of your dive. The maximum depth is 40 feet however most dives are completed around 25 feet. If you are concerned about the diving depth contact us to discuss it further.

Do I have to go into the pool before diving in the ocean?

Yes. Our program and vast majority of Try Scuba programs require divers to first start in the pool. The controlled and relaxed environment of a pool is the most enjoyable way to learn how to scuba dive.

Will I see any sharks on the dives?

Hopefully! The great thing about diving in the Florida Keys is the water visibility is great. Therefore everyone underwater can see everyone else (sharks included).  In the event that you bump into some sharks there is no need to worry. Keep your hands to yourself and the sharks do not bother you.  Scared of sharks? We have the secret cure. Call us!

All participants must be aware of and understand all risks pertaining to this class/course/experience before booking. It is the participants responsibility (or guardian if applicable) to ensure that you are medically capable and within all limits listed below in order to begin. No refunds to be provided to participants that purchase a ticket and are not able to participate due to the restrictions listed below. Additional information is available in our Cancellation & Refund Policy or by contacting us and speaking with one of our training dive professionals.

  • *NOTICE*: All participants are required to complete a medical questionnaire. Certain medical conditions may require approval and sign off from a licensed physician. Participants are responsible for obtaining their own medical clearance. No refund of deposit (24% of order total) will be provided if participant is not medically cleared at time of check-in. Please click HERE to view the medical questionnaire. Contact us anytime if you have any questions.
  • PLEASE BE AWARE FLYING AFTER DIVING IS NOT ALLOWED.  All participants that breathe from a scuba diving regulator and tank underwater MUST wait 24 hours before getting on a plane or exceeding an elevation of 1000 feet above sea level. FAILURE TO COMPLY COULD BE FATAL.  If you would like to learn more about why we need to wait before flying after diving contact us and one of our instructors will explain.
  • THE ABILITY TO SWIM AND TREAD WATER IS MANDATORY.  All participants are required to complete a basic swim test in a pool approx 10 feet deep.  A short tread and a short swim displaying your ability to swim is all that is required.  Failure to complete the swim test will result in the immediate ending of the Try Scuba Experience.

We are conveniently located at the Holiday Inn Marina in Key Largo, Florida.

Free Parking is available directly behind the Holiday Inn.

Boat is located at the marina entrance.

Snorkeling in Key Largo | Florida Keys


Contact us if you have questions about trying scuba diving in the Florida Keys

  • Best Sunsets In The World???

  • 1 Hour In Water!

  • Includes All Gear


Contact us if you have questions about trying scuba diving in the Florida Keys

  • No Experience Needed

  • Dive in 1 day

  • Bucket List – Scuba Diving

Price Per Person



  • Mask, Snorkel, Fins
  • Unbelievable views the entire trip
  • 1 Amazing Reef Location (1 hour in water)
  • Beautiful Boat Ride To The Reef

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2.5 Hours

Everything Included


Sunsets in the Florida Keys are spectacular and unforgettable. Key Largo Scuba Diving offers Sunset Snorkel trips every Wednesday and Saturday. Experience incredible panoramic views of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, as you snorkel some of the most beautiful reefs in the world during the golden hour. Explore the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States. The water in Key Largo is warm and the visibility is excellent!  No experience necessary (must know how to swim), all gear is included.

Course Price  $209


  • Scuba Gear Rental
  • Morning Pool Training
  • 2 Afternoon Boat Reef Dives
  • Instructor included all day

Trip Schedule

Check-in: 2 Hours before sunset
Boat Return: Approx 45 min after sunset

Individual Trips May Vary
Private Charters available on your schedule
Contact us to discuss!


  • Experience the reef just before sunset!

  • Clean High Quality Rental Gear Included

  • 1 Hour of snorkeling

  • The Best Boat Crew In The Keys

  • Large Boats With Plenty Of Space!

Course Schedule

Check-in Time: 7:45am
Lunch Break: 11:00am
PM Check-in: 12:30pm
PM Departure: 1:00pm
Boat Return: 5:00pm

Every Sunset Snorkeling trip with Key Largo Scuba Diving includes one hour of snorkeling along with your mask, snorkel, and fins. Our boat captains choose the reef destination day-of based on conditions, ensuring you’re receiving the best snorkeling trip possible. Key Largo Scuba Diving Sunset Snorkel trips are 2.5 hours, with boat departure time around two hours before sunset. Snorkeling begins one hour before sunset and ends at dusk. 

When snorkeling off the coast of Key Largo, you can expect to see an abundance of sea life and coral. We often encounter rays, sea turtles, and large schools of tropical fish while snorkeling the reefs in the Florida Keys. The Key Largo water temperature varies throughout the year:  May – November 80°F – 87°F, and December – April averages 75°F – 79°F.  Key Largo snorkeling sites’ depth average is between 20-25ft, and visibility is always in excess of 30ft. 

Snorkel during golden hour in the Florida Keys, or come along for the cruise and enjoy the sunset from the boat! Private sunset snorkel charters are available 7 days a week, with boat capacities up to 15 or 35 passengers.

Key Largo Snorkeling Locations

Key Largo Scuba Diving runs daily snorkel trips in the Florida Keys. The reefs of Key Largo are some of the most popular reefs in the world. Upper Keys reefs vary in depth, sea life, and attractions. Key Largo Scuba Diving snorkel trips stay within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary boundary, and we often make trips to reefs within John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Some notable spots we love include: Molasses Reef (healthiest reef in the keys!), Dry Rocks (home to Christ of the Abyss statue), and Grecian Rocks (be on the lookout for rays!). Snorkeling offers incredible panoramic views of Key Largo’s coral reef and sea life, and is an unforgettable experience for swimmers of all ages! 

After snorkeling these spots, many visitors return eager to dive them. We offer dive instruction and try scuba courses when you’re ready to explore the living reef at eye-leve!

Snorkeling in Key Largo | Florida Keys
Kids snorkeling on Molasses Reef | Key Largo Florida

Molasses Reef
The Flagship Reef Of The Florida Keys

Molasses Reef is a frequented destination for Key Largo Scuba Diving and snorkeling excursions. Within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Molasses Reef is one of the most visited coral reefs in the world for snorkeling and diving. The reef is named after the Vitric Shipwreck (also called the Molasses Wreck), a wooden schooner barge once carrying large barrels of molasses, which currently sits in 300ft of water off of Molasses Reef and the Florida Keys. Sitting 6 miles off the Key Largo coast, just at the edge of the barrier reef, Molasses is known for its great visibility as the Atlantic Ocean current frequently flushes the reef. Molasses Reef’s proximity to the edge of the barrier often brings in larger species of fish and marine life. There is an abundance of elkhorn and large brain corals, and many spur and groove reef formations. Molasses Reef depths range from 10-70+ft, with snorkel location averages between 15-25 feet. Notable areas of Molasses Reef for snorkeling include: Hole in the Wall, Permit Ledge, Fire Coral Cave, and Eagle Ray Alley.

Grecian Rocks

Grecian Rocks is a popular Florida Keys snorkel destination. Grecian Rocks sits just off the coast of Key Largo, within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the Key Largo Existing Management Area. Grecian Rocks is often favored on windier days as the natural shallow reef structure creates a snorkeling environment more protected from waves and wind than other nearby Key Largo reefs. Reef depth at Grecian Rocks ranges from 4ft – 25ft, exposing the shallow-growing coral at low tide. Snorkelers can expect to see Elkhorn coral, soft corals, sponges. Parrotfish, sea turtles, and grouper are seen throughout Grecian Rocks as well. Rays can be found on the eastern, predominantly white sand, portion of Grecian Rocks.

Grecian Rocks Snorkeling Florida Keys | Key Largo, FL
Christ Statue Snorkeling | Jesus Statue | Florida Keys

Dry Rocks

Dry Rocks is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Florida Keys. Home to the Christ of the Deep statue, Dry Rocks is found within John Pennekamp State Park and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, just off the coast of Key Largo. Dry Rocks depth reaches about 30 feet, with averages between 10ft-20ft. This Florida Keys reef is heavily protected because of coral degradation from tourist damage. Tourists flock to Dry Rocks to snorkel and dive the famous bronze Christ of the Deep statue. The Christ of the Deep statue stands 8.5ft tall, in 21ft of water, and weighs about 4,000 pounds. The Florida Keys statue is a replica of “Christ of the Abyss” found in the Italian Bay of San Fruttosa, originally created by artist Guido Galletti. The Christ of the Deep statue went on an Eastern US display tour before finally resting in Key Largo in 1966, with the help of Egidio Cressi and John Pennekamp. Commonly seen corals at Dry Rocks include elkhorn, boulder, and various soft corals. Frequently seen marine life  at Dry Rocks include a variety of small tropical fish, lobsters, eels, and barracuda.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, established in 1963, is the United States first underwater National Park. The park was named in honor of John D Pennekamp, a Miami Herald editor and passionate advocate for the preservation of the Florida Everglades and Florida Keys reefs. John Pennekamp directly contributed to the establishment of the Everglades National Park. As the First chairman of the Florida Board of Parks, and a US Fish & Wildlife Service adviser, John Pennekamp contributed indirectly to the protection of the Florida Keys reefs. John Pennekamp State Park is located 3.5 miles off the coast of Key Largo, within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The underwater park is 25 miles long, covering 70 nautical square mile of the Atlantic Ocean off the Upper Florida Keys. The 5,000 year old limestone foundation of the reef is a diverse ecosystem that hosts a mix of 80 species of stony and soft coral, and is home to over 260 species of fish. Commonly spotted marine wildlife at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park includes: parrotfish, barracuda, spiny lobster, rays, and sea turtles.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park Snorkeling | Key Largo, FL | Florida Keys