Key Largo Dive Sites

Key Largo is the dive capital of the world. Just a short boat ride will bring you to some of the most diverse diving locations in the world. There are various types of shallow and deep reef dives. Beginner to advanced wreck dives. Best of all there is  over 100 different dive sites all accessible from Key Largo. Whatever type of diving you are looking for Key Largo has it!

Key Largo Dive Sites

Key largo has over 100 dives sites. All of the dive sites we visit are accessed by boat. Shore dives are not really an option in the Florida Keys because the water is too shallow. Travel time to the dive sites is normally 30-45 minutes.  Dive sites consist of shallow reefs, deep reefs, drift dives, and wreck dives. Whichever type of scuba diving you are looking for Key Largo has it.

Key Largo scuba diving is enjoyable for all skill levels.  All of the shallow reef dive trips are great for divers certified as Open Water Diver or higher. The drift and wreck diving sites are also world class and great for advanced open water divers.

Shallow Reef Dive Sites

Shallow reefs are 15-40 feet deep. There are many options for this type of dive. Hundreds of species of fish and coral can be found in the shallow reefs. The Florida Keys are made up of spur and groove coral formations that thrive in the shallow water.  Most of the dive sites on Molasses Reef and French Reef are in shallow water and are great dives for all skill levels.  Both of these locations are great for the discover scuba diving course.

Deep Reef Dive Sites

Molasses Reef and French Reef both have great dive spots if you are looking for a deep natural reef dive.  Carysfort Reef is also a great deep reef dive that can often be completed without drift diving.  These dive sites are closer to the open ocean. You are able to dive both the landward side and seaward side of the reef. You have a better chance of seeing larger marine live in these deeper locations closer to the deep water.  Often times these deeper dives are completed while drifting due to the current.  Deep Reef dive sites are 60-100 foot range. Due to the depth advanced open water certification is needed.

Drift Dives Sites

Both Molasses Reef and French Reef have great drift dive sites. We go out to the edge of the reef where it meets the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Dives are possible on both the landward side and the seaward side. If we are drift diving in deeper water there is a good chance to see larger fish.  The drift dives are usually done on the deep side of Molasses Reef and French Reef.  Since scuba diving in Key Largo is done at the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world there are a lot of boats on the reef. Therefore it is difficult to drift the shallower dive sites. It can be done but this would be better with a private charter with fewer people. Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a private trip.

Wreck Dive Sites

Key Largo is home to some of the best wreck diving sites in the world.  The most notable wreck dive in Key Largo is the Spiegel Grove. The Spiegel is a massive 510 feet long war ship. The dive starts at about 65 feet and sits in the sand about 140 feet. Advanced certification is required and there is plenty to see at different depths.

Nearby is the US Coast Guard Cutter Duane and the Bibb. Both wrecks sit in about 130 feet. The Duane and the Bibb are virtually the same ship. The Duane sits upright while the Bibb is laying down on its starboard side.

The most popular shallow water wreck dive in the Keys is the Benwood. This natural wreck sits in 45 feet at the bow and about 25 feet at the stern. The Benwood sunk in 1942 when it collided with another vessel. There has been some pretty extensive damage from the hurricanes over the years too but this site is a must see.  Due to the shallower depths most divers can remain underwater for 1 hour and really inspect the entire vessel.

Dive Sites for Scuba Instruction and Certification

If you are coming to Key Largo to try scuba diving for the first time you have chosen the right place!  The warm water and great visibility makes our dive sites excellent for instruction. Some of the most famous dive sites on Molasses Reef such as Hole in the Wall and The Winch make for great training dives.  Scuba Diving Instruction in water with visibility that regularly exceeds 70-100 feet makes for very low stress training.

Likewise the wreck diving is great for advanced open water courses. Many times we can complete the deep dive requirement on the Spiegel Grove and the wreck dive on the Benwood in shallower water.

The Winch on Molasses Reef in Key Largo Florida

The Winch on Molasses Reef in Key Largo, Florida

The Benwood Wreck in Key Largo, Florida