Key Largo Reef Dive Trips

Key Largo is home to the 3rd largest living barrier reef in the world. There are over 100 different reef sites easily accessible within a short boat ride from Key Largo. There is a wealth of marine life, coral, structure, and diving options. You could come scuba diving in Key Largo and dive multiple times per day for 2 weeks and never repeat a dive. Most reef dive sites are suitable for all skill levels.

Molasses Reef

Molasses Reef is located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. This is one of the most popular scuba diving locations in the Florida Keys. There are over 30 different marker buoys for boats to anchor on. The depths within Molasses Reef range from 10 feet to over 90 feet on the seaward side.  On the surface Molasses Reef is easily identifiable by the 37 foot tall weather tower.  Underwater the vast spur and groove reef system is home to over 600 types of marine life, coral, and vegetation.  The most well known dives sites within Molasses are Aquarium, Eagle Ray Alley, Spanish Anchor, Winch Hole, Hole In The Wall, North Star, Fire Coral Cave, Molasses Ledge, Coral Canyon, Permit Ledge, Deep North, and Deep South.

Notable Dive Sites:

  • Aquarium

  • Winch Hole

  • Fire Coral Cave

  • Eagle Ray Alley

  • North Star

  • Permit Ledges

  • Molasses Deep

  • Hole In The Wall

French Reef

French Reef is located north of Molasses Reef about 6 miles southeast of Key Largo, Florida. French Reef is a great place for scuba diving. Located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary French Reef is triangular in shape. Scuba Divers of all skill levels will enjoy the vast amount of caves, arches, and swim-throughs. When heavy currents effect other dive sites French Reef is typically well protected. The spur and groove reef has several different notable dive sites in depths that range from 20 feet to nearly 60 feet. If you are interested in searching for some larger marine life such as hammerhead sharks, manta rays, reef sharks, sea turtles, and Goliath groupers this is a great option.  French Reef is a great location for scuba diving training as the currents are usually very weak here.

Notable Dive Sites:

  • French Twist

  • Sand Bottom Cave

  • Turtle Ledges

  • French Deep

  • Outer Limits

  • Hard Bottom Cave

  • Out Of Bounds

  • The Amphitheater

Elbow Reef

Elbow Reef got its name because the reef is shaped like an elbow. This bank reef is the northern most reef that we dive in Key Largo. Since Elbow Reef is farther from shore there is a lot less traffic. Another notable feature is the proximity to the gulf stream. Being close to the gulf stream means very clear water. There is a huge variety of marine life and hard and soft coral.  Elbow Reef is home to three shallow ship wrecks. Due to the shape of the reef it has been a navigation hazard that has taken many ships down. The City Of Washington wreck, Tonawanda wreck, and the Hannah M. Bell wreck (Mike’s Wreck). With depths of 15ft-25ft this is a great area for Open Water training dives.

Notable Dive Sites:

  • City Of Washington

  • Mike’s Wreck

  • Tonawanda

  • The Fingers

  • South Lodges

  • Undersea Highway