Open Water Referral Dives

You’ve completed your classroom and pool sessions and now you need your 4 open water dives to get your open water scuba certification.  There’s no better place to breathe underwater for the first time. Key Largo Scuba Diving is part of the referral dive open water program. We have warm water, clear water, and so much to look at. Wet-suits optional!

Course Description

The open water referral dive program is for those that want to complete their open water scuba certification in the warm water of the Florida Keys. After completing your classroom and pool sessions at a dive shop in your local you will be ready for your required 4 open water dives. These 4 dives are completed over 2 days. During the open water training dives you will practice and demonstrate the skills you learned in the pool session.  Our world class scuba instructors will be with you the entire time to help perfect your new scuba skills and show you the third largest living barrier reef in the world.


Must have successfully completed your required classroom and pool sessions with a registered dive shop.  It is recommended that you provide your own mask, fins, and snorkel but we will provide all gear including the latter if needed. Before completing the 4 open water dives you will be required to sign off on a medicare questionnaire. Some medical histories will require doctor sign off. If you do not meet the minimum medical requirements you will not be allowed to enter any of our classes or dive with us. Download the medical questionnaire.


Open Water Referral Dives: 4 open water dives, gear rental
Price: $439

Skills To Be Learned

  • Mask Clearing

  • Gear Assembly

  • Predive Safety Check

  • Buoyancy Check

  • Weight Check

  • Controlled Descent

  • Controlled Ascent

  • Regulator Recovery

  • Alternate Air Source

  • Free Descent

  • Cramp Removal

  • Tired Diver Tow

  • Surface Swim w/ Compass

  • Snorkel/Regulator Exchange

  • Underwater Compass Navigation

  • Emergency Ascent

  • Remove/Replace Weights

  • Remove/Replace Gear

Advanced Open Water Diver

Have you completed your Open Water Training? Take the next step!

  • Advanced Open Water is for all skill levels that are already Open Water Certified
  • Advanced your skills and become a more confident diver
  • Complete your first deep dive
  • Try out some specialty courses
  • All gear included

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