Open Water Scuba Certification

The open water scuba diving certification is your first step to underwater freedom. Open Water Scuba Divers are able to rent and buy gear, get scuba tanks filled, and get on scuba diving charters. Completing the open water scuba diving certification course will enable you to go with a buddy scuba diving on your own. In a short amount of time you will learn the skills needed to thrive undersea as a certified scuba diver.

Course Description

Open Water Scuba Certification Course consists of 3 areas. First is the academic section. This can be completed in person or can be completed through the E Learning program from home on a computer or tablet.  The second step in open water scuba certification is the confined water dives in a pool. The final piece of your open water scuba training are the 4 open water training dives.

The classroom material will explain fundamentals of scuba diving. You will learn what gear you will use, how it is used, and when to use it.  Scuba diving safety and the effects of the underwater environment on our bodies will also be covered.  At the conclusion of the academics a test is taken.

The confined water pool sessions will start with learning how to inspect, assemble, and disassemble your scuba gear. The pool will be your first opportunity to breathe underwater. This is a pretty cool moment!  While in the pool a variety of skills will be demonstrated and practiced. These basic skills are all required to earn your open water certification. Once you are confident with your new scuba skills you move onto the open water dives.

Completing the 4 open water dives is your last step to becoming an open water scuba diver. The skills that you learned in the pool will be tested in the ocean and you will do some exploring with your instructor. You will practice descending and ascending, basic navigation, buoyancy, and how to be a good dive buddy. Your instructor is with you at all times and this is a lot of fun. After your final open water dive you will be open water certified!

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Skills To Be Learned

  • Mask Clearing

  • Gear Assembly

  • Predive Safety Check

  • Buoyancy Check

  • Weight Check

  • Controlled Descent

  • Controlled Ascent

  • Regulator Recovery

  • Alternate Air Source

  • Free Descent

  • Cramp Removal

  • Tired Diver Tow

  • Surface Swim w/ Compass

  • Snorkel/Regulator Exchange

  • Underwater Compass Navigation

  • Emergency Ascent

  • Remove/Replace Weights

  • Remove/Replace Gear


Aside from basic swimming skills there are no prerequisites for the Open Water Scuba Diver course.  It is recommended that you provide your own mask, fins, and snorkel but we will provide all gear including the latter if needed. Before starting the course you will be required to sign off on a medicare questionnaire. Some medical histories will require doctor sign off. If you do not meet the minimum medical requirements you will not be allowed to enter any of our classes. Download the medical questionnaire.


PADI Open Water Certification Course: Pool session, 4 open water dives, gear rental
Price: $599

SSI Open Water Certification Course: Pool session, 4 open water dives, gear rental
Price: $599

Referral Check-out Dives Only: 4 open water dives, gear rental
Price: $599

Open Water Referral Program

What is the Open Water Referral Program?

  • Complete your classroom or E Learning sessions with a local dive shop in your area
  • Once this is complete you schedule your 4 open water dives with us in Key Largo
  • Great option for those that love warm water
  • If it’s too cold at home dive in Key Largo year round
  • All gear included

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