Rescue Diver Scuba Certification

The Rescue Diver course will be the most challenging of your first three scuba diving certifications. Open Water Diver and the Advanced Open Water Diver courses are a good way to establish basic skills and a level of comfort under the water. The Rescue Diver course focuses on more technical mental and physical skills. To complete the Rescue Diver course you will also need to complete the Emergency First Response Course.

Course Description

The Rescue Diver course consists of 4 phases. First is the Rescue Diver classroom section that can be completed in person or through the E Learning online version from home. Second is the classroom section for the Emergency First Response Primary & Secondary Care. You will be required to complete an exam for both sections that takes approx 60 minutes. Third you will get into the pool to practice rescue skills. The final section will be in the open water where you will complete mock scenarios that encompass both the rescue skills and the Emergency First Response skills.

The Rescue Diver course is just as much about mental skills as it is physical skills. You will learn that the best way to complete a rescue is to prevent it from happening. Learning how to recognize potential problems under water, at the surface, on the boat, or on the dock will prove to be extremely valuable. Mental awareness and mental toughness is crucial to becoming a viable rescue diver. Once in the water you will be taught different techniques to utilize to rescue different types of victims. This is a really fun and rewarding course that all recreational divers should complete.

Emergency First Response Primary & Secondary Care is a course that will be useful anywhere and anytime you are in place with a person in need of emergency care. When a medical emergency arises there is usually a period of time in between the incident occurring and professional emergency personnel arriving on scene. What happens during that time period will often have a great impact on the outcome for the person in need. This course will teach you how identify potential problems and what you can do to help.

Rescue Skills

  • Situational Management

  • Recognizing Diver Stress

  • Panicked Diver Rescue

  • Unresponsive Diver Rescue

  • Surface Rescues

  • Underwater Rescues

  • Emergency Equipment

  • Rescue Breathing

  • Missing Diver Search

  • Rescue Techniques

Emergency First Responder Skills

  • CPR

  • Emergency Management

  • Emergency Diagnosis

  • Emergency Equipment

  • Emergency Solutions


Before enrolling in the Rescue Diver course you must have completed the Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, and the Emergency First Response Primary & Secondary Care course. Many people complete the Rescue Diver and the Emergency First Response together at the same time. In a addition to these mandatory requirements you should be a strong swimmer and a confident scuba diver. Some medical histories will require doctor sign off. If you do not meet the minimum medical requirements you will not be allowed to enter any of our classes. Download the medical questionnaire.


Full Course: In person classroom, pool sessions, open water rescue scenarios, Emergency First Response Primary & Secondary
Price: $***.**

Full Course with E Learning: Classroom sessions completed online, pool sessions, open water rescue scenarios
Price: $***.**

Rescue Course Only: If you already have Emergency First Response Primary & Secondary
Price: $***.**

Bring A Buddy & Save!

Our Rescue Diver Course Is Usually A Private Course

  • Enroll in the Rescue Course with a friend
  • Exchange the role of victim throughout training
  • Save Money!